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Escape to the great outdoors with your HipStar in tow!

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Escape to the great outdoors with your HipStar in tow!

HipStar is an excellent travel companion that can help people wishing to escape to locations with no crowd and plenty of fresh air!

Imagine packing your bags with all your necessities, including food, water, and your medicine (for those who need it), without worrying about the weight–which is usually a backpacker’s worst fear. That’s due to HipStar’s ability to minimize stress on the body usually felt when carrying heavy backpacks.

The HipStar is a universal travel cart that allows luggage to be so balanced that the user does not feel the actual weight. You can run with it, walk with it, hike with it, even hook it up to other equipment such as your mountain bike.

The HipStar makes it easy to carry for anyone regardless of the weight, height, or size of your luggage. It balances your luggage on two large wheels, and when attached to the hips. It is collapsible, meaning you can store it in your car trunk or the overhead compartment on a plane.

So head for the great outdoors with your only faithful travel companion – the HipStar!

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