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HipStar Team and Advisors

Yelena Koshutina

President, owner

For over 15 years, Yelena has been working as a software and the database developer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Yelena has programming experience in Java, C++, Delfi, and C# .NET. She also has been designing and developing SQL, Sybase, Oracle, and DB2 databases. Yelena likes to apply her skills to solve complex problems and help her team to develop outstanding products. As a mentor for the new employees, she has been helping to guide new team members and share her knowledge. Yelena has helped design and facilitate the launch and design of the HipStar website.

Igor Koshutin, CEO

Inventor and developer, Igor has been on the cutting edge of smart solutions for over two decades. Igor’s motto has always been to find easy solutions to difficult problems. He carefully studies the market, finds opportunities, and gets to work to develop something that will create wide appeal. He decided to engineer this product because he realized there is a need for a transportation companion that will make life easier for those who are constantly on the go. Those who want to bring all of their necessities to wherever their journey takes them. Whether it is a hiking trip on a steep mountain, an excursion to a remote beach, or a trip in the far corners of the world, the HipStar™ is the perfect solution.

Dmitry Koshutin

For over a decade, Dmitry has been working professionally in the Los Angeles film industry as a cinematographer and director. In addition to filming commercial and narrative content for high profile clients such as Facebook, Conde Nast, and General Motors, Dmitry operated his own production company and served as creative director on multiple projects and endeavors. Dmitry has been overseeing HipStar’s content creation – from videos and photos to copywriting.

Madou’s main area of expertise is his ability to develop and implement systems and controls requisite to engineer ultimate efficiency in any organization. With HipStar, Madou will be conceptualizing and creating a robust business model that will maximize the use of every resource while securing competitive ability and continuous market appeal. As a global management consultant, Madou has saved many companies from imminent failure, coordinated multiple mergers and acquisitions, turned inefficient organizations into well-oiled operations, and groomed numerous executives to become effective, dynamic, and successful. Madou holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Shepherd University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Marshall University. Madou is the author and developer of the Prime Dash system, a smart business financial software that provides the decision-maker with the tools they need to grow their business and earn the highest profits.