The HipStar® is a multipurpose travel cart that carries all your gear for you.

It is an excellent travel companion that helps you escape to locations with no crowds and plenty of fresh air.

It balances your suitcase, backpack, bag, or equipment on two wheels, attaches to your hips, and follows you wherever you go.

We Change the Way You Move and Make Your Travels More Enjoyable!

We created HipStar to help everyone pursue their own personal legend. Whether you are a hiker or sports enthusiast setting out on your next epic adventure; military personnel requiring durable, rugged equipment to complete your next mission; or the elderly and physically challenged looking to bring independence and mobility back into your lifestyle - the Hipstar can assist you in getting all the gear you need to where ever life takes you.

If you are on-the-go, you need a versatile and convenient way to lug all your gear when hiking, camping, or simply traveling from one place to another.

That's how we invented HipStar®

HipStar is designed to literally take the weight off your shoulders. It is a universal travel cart that balances any load, luggage, or backpack, and attaches it to your hip with a harness, taking the weight off your back and allowing you to move hands-free.

The HipStar is a project of our passion in striving to help people achieve full mobility with only the power of two legs and accomplish physical feats they never thought possible – no matter if they’re young or old.



In this mode, the entire weight of your luggage or gear is balanced on two wheels joined by a single axle. The handles of the cart attach to your hip by way of a unique harness and actuators, minimizing the stress on your body, and allowing you to move the load simply by walking forward. The actuating handles and harness also minimize any jolting of the load generated from walking.


Need to traverse over uneven or difficult terrain? No problem. HipStar easily converts into a comfortable backpack to get you to the other side quickly and safely.


Have an impossibly short flight connection at the airport, or need to go up a flight of stairs with no time to strap in? HipStar can simply be pulled alongside using the top handle like a suitcase or a regular hand truck dolly.


Go faster and further with the bicycle attachment accessory! HipStar attaches to the seat post and functions exactly the same as it would on your hips.


HipStar folds down into a super compact size, allowing you to pack it in your trunk or check it at the airport until your next destination.

Who are the regular users of HipStar?

The HipStar is a perfect fit for a wide range of travelers - from outdoor lovers to military personnel and globetrotters, or anyone who just wants to go for a short stroll. This is the perfect solution for anyone carrying heavy gear to take the strain and weight off your body, so you can focus on being on the move.

Tourists, campers, hikers, photographers, fishermen, hunters, golfers, festivals fans - all will find the HipStar’s unique design a convenient addition to their activities.

Not to mention senior citizens, physically impaired people, or people with back problems - it will breathe new life into their adventures all while reducing unnecessary physical stress.

For Off-The-Grid hikers, rescue teams, and military use

HipStar comes in a more durable option featuring additional hardware that reinforces the structure and allows for heavier gear to be carried with ease and comfort. A huge tactical issue for the military is a Racking performance (Rucking is the military term for hiking under load). The point is that soldiers must conduct dangerous missions wearing body armor, carrying weapons, ammo, water, and other heavy gear, putting them at further risk of injury. HipStar can help military operations mitigate this injury risk by reducing the load these soldiers need to carry.

Military personnel will find the HipStar useful as both a tactical and practical tool: on duty, the HipStar is perfect for moving heavy gear over any type of terrain; on leave, the HipStar can help personnel move their heavy backpacks while traveling. Since they’re not using civilian suitcases, the HipStar can help our service members move heavy, military-issue backpacks through airports and rail stations effortlessly by easily transforming into a rolling suitcase by pulling the handle located on the top of the frame. The HipStar can also stand on its own using its built-in kickstand — a convenient option when forced to wait in a long line.


The angle between handles and frame can be adjusted, so the HipStar accommodates a wide range of weights, and by keeping a bag’s CG not only above but slightly ahead of the wheel axle, the HipStar's overall stability is increased.

It eliminates pushback force created while walking or running that would overturn the cart. As a result, a bag’s weight is supported almost entirely by the frame with wheels, and the user applies only the pulling force to generate movement. Combined, both the unique placement of the center of gravity and the HipStar's harness make it impossible to turn it over.


1. How do you make fifty pounds feel like one pound?

A suitcase balances a lot of weight on one axle - the same design used in the HipStar.

2. How do you keep your hands free?

Even with a suitcase, you have to hold it and drag it behind you. The HipStar attaches to your hip and leaves enough room behind you so your heels don’t hit it when you are walking or running.

3. How do you keep it from bumping into you when you walk?

Walking is a series of many accelerations and decelerations - or stop-and-go. Even a small weight will generate annoying push-and-pulls when rigidly attached to your body. The HipStar’s shock absorbers and flexible harness even out those disturbing walking motions for a comfortable experience.

4. What do you do when you hit uneven terrain?

The HipStar folds down into a backpack in seconds, making it easy to climb some stairs or hike up a mountain. The heaviest model weighs only ten pounds. And when you reach flat ground, expand it, attach it to your hip, and you’re good to go.

5. How do you store it when it’s not in use?

The HipStar is able to completely collapse, allowing you to store it in your closet, your trunk, or even carry-on on a plane.

No matter the size, shape, or weight of your bag or suitcase, the HipStar will give you the same level of comfort so you can walk or run without even feeling the weight of your bag.

Let HipStar help you take your gear further!