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James E. Blackburn, Actor, Filmmaker & Adventurer, 3-time Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy Award Winner

I'm a 52 Middle school teacher living in Los Angeles. I was born with a birthday fact known as cerebral palsy I am able to walk but carrying things has always been difficult for me because of my disability and the fact that I walk with Canadian style crutches. I discovered your product and I'm very excited about the possibilities And what it could do for the disabled community. In my profession we have to carry a lot of things from our vehicles to our classroom on a daily basis This is almost impossible for me unless I put a huge strain on my back and my neck. If your product will work for me the way I think it will It could change my life and the life of many people that I know. I look forward to the potential independence your product may give me in the future.

- Joseph

At one point in my life, not so many years ago, I had many adventures. Some took me traveling around the world, some took me bicycling across the nation while yet another saw me backpacking the entirety of the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. I loved the freedom of adventure and it became my life as it defined who I am.
I'm 66 years old now and as I aged I've lost the ability to just jump into an adventure; but, I haven't lost the desire. My body has slowed and I look for easier ways to accomplish the same thing. In some instances there aren't any ways so I've had to grudgingly let go of that particular ability. Now as I age, I feel my enjoyment of life slipping away from me as I discover yet another ability and love I used to have diminishing at a surprising rate of speed-long distance hiking.
Enter the HipStar. With the HipStar I can "roll" along with my backpack and gear not bearing down on my shoulders and compressing my spine. What a "God send"! I have to accept that I won't be crossing mountain passes on a long distance trail but I will be adventuring along flatter footpaths camping as I go. It's an adventure worthy of the HipStar. I can continue on with physical challenges aided by this wonderful product. I hope that multitudes of people will be encouraged to acquire the HipStar and find an adventure!
Jeffery L. Hersey

- Jeffery L. Hersey

Charlene Swankie (AKA "SwankieWheels"), the Arizona-based breakout star of Oscar's-21 winner movie 'Nomadland':

Charlene is living on Social Security, but she is living life to the fullest, camping full-time in a home-built camper van. Here is a bit of her back story:


“I struggle to get ready for the hike due to limited finances, and also a bad shoulder. That is why HipStar would be so important to me. I am seeking a second opinion this month on the shoulder to determine what I need to do about it and how much recovery time will be required. My goal to hike the AZ Trail felt aimless... and I kept searching for a purpose for doing it. I wanted a goal that was bigger than life itself, like kayaking all 50 states was, but I couldn't find one until I connected with HipStar. Needless to say, I am extremely excited about this new challenge... of working with HipStar to make the wilderness more accessible to seniors and those mildly physically challenged!"

Chris Vincent, disabled veteran, Florida

“I want the FREEDOM HipStar provides. I need to keep active to stay healthy; backpacking is a great way to stay fit. We want to FLY ON AIRPLANES with our backpack camping equipment and HipStar as checked luggage, to camp at our destination AVOIDING A RENTAL CAR. Even though numerous cities purposely end their public transportation a few miles before airports so that cabs, uber and rental cars needlessly are over-utilized, the HipStar will help us avoid them and only use public transportation. We can easily walk the few blocks from the airport tram to the grocery store with HipStar, to stock up on food and water at our leisure without an uber waiting on us while the clock meter is ticking. After we've stocked our provisions, we can either walk, take public transportation or uber to our trailhead to begin our camping adventure, thanks to HipStar.

When we do rent a car, airport shuttles to offsite rental car locations don't start until 6:30am even though our redeye flight gets in 1.5 hours before this. The HipStar would make the 2 mile walk to the offsite location a breeze, allowing us to stretch our legs and get some exercise after the long flight, and get to our rental car soonest.

Multi-day festivals that allow car camping or tent camping, that normally require a rental car, could be accessed with HipStar, avoiding car rental. Heck, HipStar could be used as a push-pull golf caddy cart once in a blue moon, even though we don't golf much anymore. It's not a priority to use the HipStar as a kayak caddy, surfboard caddy, drone caddy, or a beer, wine and water cooler, but if it could do that, even better. It would be fun to revisit US cities with renewed enthusiasm, actively seeking new ways to avoid rental cars. And revisit National Parks and BLM land, visit excluded camping sites with the HipStar that were previously out of reach. In beach towns and city centers we could park further away from expensive parking lots using the Hipster to carry all our items in one trip, saving parking money for lunch downtown instead, to support the local restaurant economy. When our long driveway is frozen over with snow, the HipStar could transport all our items to our car in one trip over snowpack. I hope user provided locks will work well with the HipStar design. Perhaps consider an optional slash-resistant kevlar type bag, or optional 2.5 person tent that can either utilize the frame of the HipStar, or be used bikepacking without the HipStar. Perhaps HipStar can partner with an already established tent manufacturer for that option, since the poles should fold small enough to fit in a bikeback handlebar roll, versatility is key.

The HipStar would encourage our retired parents to walk a mile to the grocery store more often, increasing interaction with neighbors. Optionally, parents would appreciate being able to lean or sit on the HipStar for a rest, especially with an optional folding umbrella attachment for sun or rain."

Cheers, Arlene Kufchock, Colorado

“I've been excited about HipStar ever since I saw it featured on a crowdfunding campaign. I used to work as a cop, and I was involved in a very serious car accident where someone served across all the lanes of traffic to intentionally hit me at 92 mph. The crash didn't kill either of us, but the impact destroyed my lower back, ending my career. I can no longer carry any amount of weight for any distance without a great deal of pain. I used to backpack all the time, and I would love to take my kids backpacking. The HipStar seems like the perfect way to get me back out there and enjoying the outdoors. It would get me back up in the mountains where I long to be, and it will help me to get my kids into backpacking as well."

Jason Hunter, South Jordan, Utah

“I am medically frail with little use of my hands due to cervical neck damage and shoulder replacements (I used to be a thoroughbred racehorse jockey!) Life has proven to be a struggle, both in life and leisure and the HipStar looks to be absolutely life-changing! It’s incredible design will take the weight off my hands, shoulder, and neck and put it on my greatest power generator – my hips! This is a ticket to independence, freedom, and FUN!!! This is genius!! Thank you!"

Debbie Riemers Downing, Jockey and Writer. New Hampshire

Nice! I’ve daydreamed about this idea ...& here it is! Really cool that it can adapt from bike to walking!

"HipStar, My Great Discovery!

Though I'm yet to see a HipStar first hand, I was certainly taken by its design after a long internet search that last winter lasted for days. On and off over the months since I have thought of the day, I will be able to purchase a HipStar cart. Actually, and this rarely happens with me, I was so impressed I have found myself talking about the HipStar with others over the months since my research. I have a back with a multitude of serious issues. I'm actually doing my best to avoid several surgeries. I used to be a backpack explorer from American, Canadian, and Mexican wildernesses, to all over Europe. I had serious feelings of defeat with my age and retirement at 64 yet with dreams of carrying my own luggage or even camping gear and hopefully traveling some before I pass on to the next great place. Such longings left me in disarray until I started finding small travel carts.

I was immediately in awe when I came across the uniqueness, quality, and versatility, of the HipStar design that is far beyond the other cart manufacturers. Other carts were nice, but none had, among other superior features, the ingenious concept of altering the pitch of the load to reduce the vertical weight on the carrier. Other designs had like a 40% ratio where if you had 100 pounds 40 would be the weight you bear, and no provision for adjustment. With HipStar that vertical load can go down to almost zero. As in my case, and as I imagine the case is with all, and even for those without back problems, that less is more, the less one bears in vertical pressure the better.

Also, none of the other designs had the shock system as I found so cleverly incorporated into the HipStar design. Imagine a bumpy trail, road, cobblestone, or pot holes, and you will see in the video how that was factored into the design with its unique shock system. Other designs had single wheels, or two wheels, yet were rigid in design where I foresaw problems with balance coming into play. With the HipStar's two-wheeled design that is not a problem as even the design allows for lateral motion or side pitching, and even for the vertical motion generated with each walking or jogging gate, plus an adjustment for longer or shorter strides, amazing! Also, I found the HipStar to even come in three different design sizes depending on your applications.

Sometimes with my travel plans I will be at some busy airport, bus, train station, or walking down crowded city sidewalks, or onto crowded city buses, where the HipStar actually converts into a two wheeled suitcase! I was blown away to see it convert into a backpack frame, and also with included attachment it can even connect to the seat tube of your bike and serve as a bike trailer, wow! I plan to live at times where if I purchase a bike, I can go shopping with my HipStar trailer and haul my own groceries or go on bike trips to explore the land.

When I discovered the HipStar cart the vision of my “bucket list” of travel and hiking and camping suddenly opened as a possibility if it wasn't for this unparalleled design. My bucket list hopes will actually last for the rest of my years if I can and all now possible with my HipStar cart. I must go prepared for all climates and terrains. The HipStar I find is designed for it all. What was the impossible and only a melancholy dream is now reality thanks to what I imagine has been a long and careful research and development phase with HipStar. This is not a cart that has been precariously designed by any means. Take a serious look at what new horizons open up for you with this masterful design. I look forward to the day I go beyond my apartment high-rise and with my HipStar sally forth into this beautiful world with all the new chapters it beholds.


Mike Jensen, St. Paul, Minnesota, US"

"Hi everybody!

I came across the idea of the HIpStar only a little while ago, while browsing the net, looking for new ideas, for new gear, with a view to upgrading any, or all of my hiking and camping equipment to make things easier for me, now I have gotten a little older.
One of my main interests is hiking and exploring, and sometimes camping, one or more nights, in my wider, local area, which is the Snowdonia region of North Wales. But unfortunately as I've got older, I've found it increasingly difficult to carry loads on my back. Which is needed, if I am also to camp overnight, as I then have to carry additionally, a tent (or bivvy), sleeping bag, cooking equipment and extra food, etc.
So when I happily stumbled across the HipStar I couldn't believe how genius the whole idea of it was. More or less solving ALL my hiking and camping dilemmas, about carrying weight around, in one compact brilliant, and even foldable, package. It even has a suspension system no less, to smooth out the walking and pulling of the cart, unique certainly in that, whilst still, I am informed, keeping the weight down to very, minimum levels.
I was amazed to see also the very compact shape it can be folded into, within a minute or two. It can then be carried on one's back if needed, which is an incredibly useful feature. At least for me. In other words, any time consuming, unbolting of the frame, taking out screws, bolts, nuts, taking apart the frame, bit by bit, etc, is completely unnecessary with the HipStar.
And for anyone who likes to go jogging while at the same time carrying some weight with them, the HipStar is also designed to be able to run with. Meaning that it can be adjusted in such a way so as to, not interfere with, or restrict the movement of one's legs, while running. There is a film of just this demonstration of jogging with it, available on the HipStar's website and also on YouTube.
It has to be seen to be appreciated, just how clever the idea is. So yes, with all these ideas incorporated into the HipStar, it is exactly what I need, and more. There is nothing it seems, for my own personal needs, that has not been already thought of, or incorporated into it's design. It is ideal especially for older hikers like me, who still like to be able to carry everything needed, for long hiking and camping adventures. Brilliant!
The HipStar really has no peers!

Stephen, Hiker, Wales/UK."

“I've been doing some research and have looked at other brands out there. For ergonomics, adaptability into a back pack, variable vertical pitch (makes a huge difference on amount of weight you carry), two wheels for better stability, how easily it pieces together, also adaptable as a trailer on your bicycle, the kind of shock absorption, that Hipstar is by far a better design than any of the others. The only thing I'd like that HipStar will have is some way to brake the wheels as going downhill, the weight will push you forward, I imagine, so a brake would be very nice. Despite that I would buy this design over any of the others. A well thought out design!!!

Comment on HipStar YouTube channel

“I have a trailer for my car, I made a trailer for my bike, then I thought that there could be a trailer for walking. So I searched the internet and discovered that it is already happening. By far the most versatile and effective hiking trailer I came across was the HipStar. Everything seems to have been included in the design - multiple adjustments, shock absorbing, running, walking or resting flexibility - really impressive. I am very keen to purchase one for the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in September 2018 and certainly hope that they will be available before then.”

John P., United States

“Hi there. My name is Kim and I like to walk...a lot. I have had asthma my whole life so running or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is out of the question is out so I walk...everywhere. The longest I've walked is 79 miles straight without stopping. I'm shooting for 100 someday. I always wanted to walk across the country or at least do the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to DC but with my age and back I cant carry heavy packs like I use to. I thought of making something like this out of a wagon or cart but it never left my brain, funny the things I need fly out and things I don't never leave, ANYWHO When I saw this I was super excited! Someone else had the gumption to actually make it. I can load it up with my pack and off I go. Hands free to take pictures. For someone with back problems like myself this is a God send. Especially since Sherpa's are few and far between in Pittsburgh. So I hope this comes to fruition and if it does you'll see me going down the trail. Ill wave while I roll along. You cant miss me. Ill be the one not sweating under a heavy pack.

Kim from Pittsburgh

Has anyone at HipStar thought how useful this product would be to tradesmen for moving tools around on job sites, it is the bane of every tradesman having to move tools from A to B. In London where parking is prohibitively expensive this would be godsend to take tools from an underground train station to a job and then be able to move tools around the job sites with relative ease. The fact that HipStar can be carried like back pack when required is also genius for navigating stairs! I hope this come to market soon.

One fed up and tired tradesman

“I am recovering handicapped man… I need your product so bad... after breaking my neck and relearning to walk. Now I use two canes at once, so no hands to hold stuff, a heavy back pack tends to throw me off balance easily. The only way to learn to walk again is by repetition, and this is what need to be free to travel the and country side. This product would greatly increase my mobility and freedom. I’m telling you right now, your product is needed badly…

Joe G., California

"I developed cancer and am currently receiving treatments and recovering. I’ll never be able to carry more than a few pounds on my back due to the damage to my pelvis. I could be able to pull, however. I have been an avid outdoorsman and think your product HipStar could give me back the ability to get back out and enjoy the life here in the Pacific Northwest."

Terry, Portland, OR

"As a seasoned hiker, I would love to have one of the advertised hiking device HipStar that is slated to be produced in a short while. Hiking tens or even hundreds of miles on trails and cross-country terrain is not an easy task, but it requires strength to hold on and a decent but light flat bag could reduce the stain on the back. All these factors are what I saw in your proposed prototype at the just concluded brand campaign. It will be a great benefit to us hikers. I have told many of my friends about HipStar and its benefits to our hobby. Welldone!"

Sam A., hiker

"I would love to buy your camping card HipStar for my team members when they are up for sale. Having lots of things to carry with a bag that is not balanced poses a challenge to many of us, but with I saw and heard at your post early this week makes me to settle for this type of product since it is flexible, light and absorbs most gadget of camping all these benefit in one bag would be a plus when it is produced."

Carl M.

"I have never imagined a bag or stroller could be attached to my waist and it will be comfortable for me to walk with for long time. That is exactly what I saw in your planned product that will be launched very soon. These products when they are fully launched will be no doubt useful for the nursing mothers as well as the holidaying people. Cheers!"

Sarah C.

"Wow! I will definitely wait for this product to be rolled out before changing my beach camping bag. With what I saw recently in the awareness campaign, it looks real good to be used by everyone. I have since been imagining how it will look like when it’s finally out for use by all. Fantastic idea you are putting into action."

Jerry A.

"I have always been thinking that one day there will be a solution for taking my baby along whenever I am having my usual morning walk. Little did I know a company is nursing such a technology? I was impressed with what I saw at your product pitch exhibition and I will be waiting earnestly to order when it is finally out for sale. Kudos!"

Paul J.

"I’m a bit of a nature junkie. I love hiking and camping. Every place I visit, first thing that I do is research the best hiking trails in the area. I do enjoy a short hike, but I really love long, multi-day adventures. Not only do I have to bring enough food and water for several days, but also a tent, sleeping bag, and a stove. Needless to say, all that weight starts to add up. Instead of going on my trip with just a backpack, I would definitely use the HipStar. The weight off my shoulders is lifted! The built-in shocks cancel out all the bounce from all the uneven terrain. I can still easily convert it into a backpack when the trail gets too rough. Plus, when I’ve had enough for the day, I can pull out the kickstand and let it hang for the night. Great idea!"

Alex, hiker. Romania

"Over one year ago, I quit my job, packed my bags, and never looked back. I make my living as a full-time travel blogger. I live out of my backpack and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Except maybe when I have to lug my backpack around the city with all my stuff - that I could live without. Luckily, with the HipStar, I wouldn’t have to worry about any of that. No matter the weight of my backpack, I can place it on the HipStar, attach it to my hips, make a few adjustments to maximize comfort, and walk around an entire city without feeling the weight in the least bit! And since it’s completely hands-free, I can snap photos, jot down blog notes, and wave to all the tourists taking my photo with this awesome new piece of gear."

Dan, travel blogger, USA

"I live for capturing the perfect shot. I’m a professional nature and landscape photographer, and I love to find vantage points and angles that no one else has ever discovered before. Sometimes it means walking up a short hill, sometimes it means climbing a mountain. Having a backpack is great for short distances, but when I need to traverse across long distances and go off the beaten path, sometimes the backpack isn’t always the most versatile solution. The HipStar would help me bridge the gap between versatility and comfort. I can load up all my lenses and cameras inside and not worry about the weight holding me down. I can also have my camera in my hand the entire time in case I want to take a photo on the fly. It will give me versatility I have never experienced before! It is a great idea."

Simon, photographer. UK